Saturday, July 8, 2017

A Dance with a Dragon

Are you ready?
She whispers so softly, so darkly,
I can taste Her already;
She is velvet, warm and heady on my tongue.

I can only nod.
My heart pounds, my throat constricts,
I don't think I am ready, but it begins;
Her hand takes mine and we step.

Each move is in rhythm.
We take tandem steps, sensual swirls,
the darkness parts for Her, obedient, recoiling;
I am afraid but something in Her touch holds me.

I see the Dragon.
I feel the power beneath that silken flesh,
I fear and desire it, I resist and need it;
The spark burns in those deep crimson eyes.

It begins to devour me.
Her hands guide, maneuver, manipulate me,
swing, sway, hypnotize me;
I can't resist the Dragon's allure, the pull, the call.

I can't breath.
I can only move and watch, wait,
She pulls me closer, it's happening;
She devours me, wraps around me, takes me whole.

I am me again.
Wrapped up in Her, one with Her, Hers.
She cradles my soul;
Her arms hold and sooth, love and cherish me.

The dance never ends with a Dragon.