Friday, March 24, 2017

You See Before You, a Girl....

You see before you, a girl.
She was a lovely girl, she had dark skin and full breasts and a penchant for darker deeds.
She was a good girl, Loyal, submissive, sweet.

There was a Man.
He liked the girl, but saw her as clay to be shaped to his desire.
He preyed on her.
He seduced her.
He changed her.
"New skin, new hair, new shape."
"Younger, smaller, sweeter."
"Bare foot, pastel, no panties, Naked."
He paraded her, he showed her off like she was meat at a fair.
"Let them see you and be jealous, babygirl."
She died slowly, discomfort her every moment, sadness mounting

"I love you as you are, so long as you are what I made you."
Insecurity, uncertainty,  unhappiness
"No clothes, only cuffs. Be the same as your chain sister."
"Twins. Barely legal teen twins."
He made her believe she was something she was not,
He fed her insecurities and kept her guessing,
One day, two days, three days... Only online when she slept.
Four days, five days, ten days... He created her and then left her.

Busy work filling her days
Kittycats and Meeroo her companions,
Suddenly!! he is back, joy of joys!
But wait... there is a new girl.
This girl tells lies, shuts her down, plays her games,
"Be patient, she's not used to sharing, be nice, help her."

Insults veiled behind bullshit questions, pain, jealousy, sadness,
Anger slowly builds. She didn't deserve this, she was a good girl,
Loyal, sweet, she changed for him!

Everything she was, had done, was literally for him. She spoke, she pleaded
begged, cried, explained....
gave up.

She asked release, he gave it, too eagerly, though full of false remorse.
"We can still play!"
Her smile said "sure" her heart said "No way..."

Loneliness prevails, she stands alone on her land.

No family,
no Master.

"Something new then" She'd be a light and a beacon for those like her,
Lost and afraid and used and abused.

Domination. A new path to try, she'd be a better Dominant than him.
No more subs would hurt or cry, not under her collar!

She chanced a meeting, something new. She can do this, it's simple right?
Then came a Teacher.
This Contessa, aware of things the girl had no clue,

A comforting laugh and the questioning, what? where? 
The explanation came with tears
"No more pain, Contessa. I'll be a safe haven."
and wisdom suddenly breaking through, acknowledging a true heart.

Warmth and embraces.
HER words
"You are no Domme. You need to find you."

You see before you a woman.
Dark skin, dragon eyes and horns.
Dragon Fae, Powerful, submissive.
Still unsure but growing.

The Dance.
Every day growing
Each day newer, brighter, stronger.

Always SHE was there, watching, encouraging, nourishing the timid heart.

The quiet subtle moves and the growing loyalty.
Not just to HER, but to her own self as well.
True to herself, in service to HER

She walked through her own personal hells to face HER,
the collars came, first the one, Protection from the pain of it all
Then up and up and up.
Then the collar around her heart locks firmly in place.


her Heart
her Soul

her Domina bringing her to life.